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We would be happy to offer a maintenance plan that covers your equipment specifically, whether we installed it or it was installed by someone else. We are firm believers in the added life and cost savings of preventative maintenance. We even change the oil in the shop trucks on a regular basis. Please call to schedule a system tune-up or pre-season inspection and let us know that you are interested in a maintenance plan. We will be out to service your equipment and set-up a plan for regular visits and inspections. Extending the life of your equipment is a great way to save money.

Maintenance requirements vary by system, but usually keeping up with filter requirements are an often over-looked easily serviced item, which can be performed by the owner. There are many different types of filtration systems that can be installed from a typical paper or fiber insert to a cartridge system, or an electro-static system. The condition of the filter element greatly affects the system performance and efficiency, a clogged filter puts a drag on blower performance and limits airflow that hinders comfort, and makes the system work harder to overcome the blocked filter.

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