If you check the burner and you see a yellow flame, you should probably schedule a cleaning. The flame should be sharp and blue, clean and stable, burning as purely as possible. A yellow flame indicates dirt in the burner or another issue, which prevents it from mixing the gas and air properly. This can affect efficiency and cost of operation, and can lead to a failure when you are counting on your furnace to most. Call Air Tech Services to thoroughly test your system and clean it. Air Tech Services (847)639-5336

Hopefully everyone is staying warm during the extremely cold weather. Having your furnace cleaned is crucial to ensuring your furnace is working safely. It is also a wise idea to be sure you have a carbon monoxide detector in good working condition. Cracks in the heat exchanger can allow carbon monoxide to be spread throughout your house causing sickness or death. Also, be sure not to store flammable objects near your furnace. Call a professional like Air Tech if you think something may be wrong.. office number for service (847)639-5336.

If your thermostat uses batteries, please remember to put fresh batteries in your setback thermostat when you change your clocks and change batteries in your smoke detectors. Having dead batteries will make your furnace stop working when you least expect it. If you do need service please call the office at (847)639-5336 ....Air Tech Services serving Cary and McHenry County as a local business for over 25 years

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